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My home is CRAZY sometimes!

With six of us living here in our house, having any guest over can get a bit crazy... especially when you add more kids.

Yesterday, my sister, Heather, came to visit with her two youngest children. Their ages are great because they are close to the ages of my children, so they all get along quite nicely (for the most part). After playing in the house for a while, we decided we were going to let them play in the pool since it was a beautiful HOT day. Well, needless to say, it was loud, wet, and fun! Oh, and there were only a few meltdowns!

My daughter, Macy, and her cousin, Addy, played together in the pool by themselves for a while because the boys were upstairs playing video games. It was great bonding time for them! They are only a month and a half apart in age, so they either really get along or they really dislike each other. My whole family secretly hopes that they will grow to be best friends. Best friends fight sometimes right?

So, here is a day in the Brennan house... please, do enjoy!

Matt secretly wants to be a famous singer when he grows up. Addy is his biggest fan!

Here is an example of how Macy tells you she wants something... like cereal. Instead of asking for cereal, which she can do, she just goes and grabs the huge bag and brings it to me. "Hey mom, FEED ME!"

Apparently, Heather and Addy want to be famous duet singers when they grow up. 

"Babe, I got you babe."

Well, Heather wants them to be a famous duet. Addy secretly wants to be a famous DJ.

Don't tell Heather, it will crush her dreams.

Macy still just wants cereal.

"Mom, please, the cereal!"

Did I mention the girls both have CURLS for DAYS?!

I see these two being trouble in our future.

Definitely trouble.

Or perhaps it'll just be Macy that is the trouble.

Addy makes good decisions, like drinking water. Drinking water is good; no trouble here.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little hard on Macy. She TRIES to make good decisions too.

snack break!

Now here are the real trouble makers, Gavin and Matt.

Let's just say, they are both a handful!

Now this one, Noah, I don't think I have to worry about him. Although, his teenage years are coming up and things could completely turn around.

(We all know how teenage years go)

But, I have FAITH!



So, this is what a day (or maybe just a few hours) of my life looks like when I'm not being a super awesome photographer that you all want to hire the next time you have any photography needs. ;)







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