Oh, but the waterfalls part 2 - Mooresville, NC Portrait Photographer

July 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Yet again, we find ourselves playing in the waterfalls.

I know, I know... We've shot a lot in my super secret spot recently, but it's really beautiful. Also, this second go round, we covered some areas that we hadn't before.

Ally is such a photogenic person. She always has been. I just love capturing photos of her. I could take pictures of her all day everyday! 

So during this session, we came prepared. Ally gifted me with a waterproof bag to put my gear in (way to look out right?), we had water shoes to wear so we wouldn't slip on the slippery rocks, and we already knew what we were going against. Where we initially shot, the water wasn't very rough, but getting to that spot... now that is a different story. We spent more time fighting the waters trying to cross over to the side we wanted to shoot at than we actually spent shooting. Once again, totally worth it because the images speak for themselves. 

I will say that I was super sore after this session...those waters will kick your butt! But, at least I didn't fall or get any leaches on me!

Ah, and my favorite!


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