A Father and Son - Mooresville NC Photographer

September 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

There is nothing sweeter than the bond between parent and child. 

This father and son, Billy and Christian, have an incredible bond. The love between these two is so sweet and amazing! 

We took pictures out at the lake at Stumpy Creek. The lighting was beautiful and the lake was calm. Christian was full of energy and was just as cute as could be. He was super excited that he just turned six. So, he wasn't really in the mood to take pictures. He was, however, in the mood to love on his daddy, blow some bubbles, and draw with the sidewalk chalk! All of these things, of course, make for beautiful photos.

I love candid shots, especially with kids. It's not only hard to get kids to pose for pictures, but 99.99% of the time, kids don't like to pose for pictures. When you get candid shots, you are really able to capture who these little people are at that exact specific time. They may not be the same person in two months, a year, or definitely five years down the road. So, that is why I love capturing candid shots of children. It's a true representation of who they are at the specific time the photo was taken.

Christian and Billy's photos are a perfect example of candid photography. These are photos of them truly loving each other, enjoying each other, and having fun.

Billy and Christian, I love the bond that you guys share. Getting to see you guys together and capture photos of the two of you truly touched my heart. It was a super sweet little shoot, and I'm glad I was the one that was taking the pictures!

P.S.    Happy Belated Birthday Christian! 



Melissa Reid(non-registered)
Meghan, once again you bring out the beauty and originality in every photo you take. These photos are just priceless! Makes me want you to do a photo session of my husband and our boys. Hopefully soon.
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