Katie and Jay // Blue Ridge Parkway // Blowing Rock NC Family Photographer

November 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You know what I love more than my clients? Clients that are willing to go on an adventure with me to capture beautiful photos! 

Katie and Jay are both so very sweet! They have three handsome and fun boys! I have been photographing Katie since 2011! I love her to pieces! When she approached me about doing a fall family photo session, of course we were going to make it happen. While talking about where our location for the session would be, I had an idea. I asked her if she was up for an adventure and up for something different. I threw out my idea of heading to one of my favorite places, The Blue Ridge Parkway, and hitting some of my favorite spots that I thought would make for amazing photos! I let her know that some of the spots we would have to hike but she was totally up for it. After talking with her loves, all agreed; this is where we are going, and it was going to be awesome!

It was a really great day! We went up during the peak of fall foliage, and it was just beautiful up there! One of the best spots we hit was the gorgeous Beacon Heights. Everyone had a blast on this awesome adventure! And we caught some stunning photos!

My husband and son even tagged along and were able to have some father-son time while we were shooting.

We all made a day of it, and it was just really awesome!

Here are some of the highlights from that beautiful day! 


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