Stephanie VonHoene - Mooresville NC Child Photographer

May 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

Have you ever wondered if fairies are real? I have! And now I know. Fairies are indeed real.

Do you need proof? If so, right here it is!

One afternoon, I was strolling through the park with camera in hand in hopes of capturing some photos of the local wildlife. I never would have guessed that day that I was going to run into a fairy... A REAL FAIRY!

Her name is Emily and she is a beautiful Woodland Fairy. 

She was so sweet and friendly and very happy to let me photograph her!

We spent a little bit of time together. She let me take her photos, she talked to me about the life of a fairy, and she even told me a few fairy secrets!

I would share with you guys, but I promised not to tell.

Anyways folks, here is your proof! Fairies are real!


STEPHANIE VONHOENE(non-registered)
I still get teary eyed... these male me so happy! We have to take it ip a notch girl!
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