My name is Megan Brennan and I am the owner and photographer of Daisy Day Photography. I have lived in Mooresville, North Carolina my entire life. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children! I have been blessed with the best of both worlds. I have a sweet and energetic boy and a cuddly and sweet little girl. I have been a stay at home mother to them since day one. I try to be the best mom that I can be for my family; they are my everything. They are the ones who inspired me to pursue this career in photography. I have always had a passion and love for photography, even when I was just a little girl. I always remember having a camera and taking photos of anything and everything. Not once did I think I would be a photographer when I grew up. Looking back now, I'm not surprised. I love it so much. I really believe that I was given this talent and eye for photography so that I can bring joy and happiness into the lives of others. Some of my favorite things are animals, crystals, and all things bohemian. Some of my favorite past times are spending time with my kids, going hiking, and making all things art.

Daisy Day Photography was established in February of 2011. I am a multiple award winning and published photographer. I am self-taught in photography and I take pride in my work, my brand, and my product. Although I specialize in wedding and portrait photography, I do also photograph many other things. Over the past years I've acquired a very versatile portfolio. I love being able to photograph weddings and all things photography. I have a passion for love, photography, and people. I am located in Mooresville, NC. I would love to have the opportunity to get to know you and provide you with a fun and amazing photography experience and photographs that you will love and cherish forever!